In a world that’s focused on energy savings and Green KPIs, it’s perhaps surprising that we see so many businesses still consuming way too much energy, usually through lack of guidance or knowledge in the design phase.

Our tagline is ‘Better by Design’ for a reason

Let us help you find the best products available without over-spending on equipment that has little payback to your business. Control Air Australia can review your maintenance schedule, understand your critical business requirements and find your optimum operating parameters. We will advise if the installation of power optimisers, VSDs, or BMS solutions will give your business the savings and control you need, both now and also in the years ahead.

Do you have 20+ year old plant and equipment?

Think that you need modern equipment to achieve savings? With Control Air Australia we can show you how to save money with little expenditure to maximise even the oldest plant and equipment currently installed. It’s what we do — Optimise, Save and Review.  We help our clients save energy, allowing them to turn the savings back into their business in the months and years ahead.


Our Locations

Control Air Australia have offices in SA and WA, and affiliates in VIC, NSW, Queensland, NT, ACT and Tasmania. Which means we’ve got a contractor within cooee of you, wherever you are in Australia. If your commercial refrigeration or aircon need a service or an upgrade, please give us a call. We’d love to help you.



Our Clients

At Control Air Australia, we design, install, service and maintain commercial refrigeration and airconditioning equipment for a number of industry sectors, including: 


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